SALT of Palmar

The homegrown hotel with a huge heart an eco-resort in mauritius for cultural & responsible holidays.

Locals designed, built, and furnished SALT. Locals manage and run SALT. They also make the food and the music. It’s a vibrant, joyful place designed by an artist who believes that colour = happiness. Inspired by the island’s upbeat vibe, SALT of Palmar pops with energy against a mellow natural backdrop.
Right on the beach. The 59-room hotel does things differently. There are no buffets, fixed TV screens, or single-use plastics. Just everything you need. Or didn’t know you did.

The farm supplies the restaurant. Bye-bye buffet. This is fresh, local, and tasty. SALT knows their farmers, fishermen, and growers by name. The pesticide-free farm is their own source of ingredients!

Each of the rooms is kitted out with only the finest of things. A handmade, king size Carpe Diem bed, developed with physios.100% organic cotton bedding. A rain shower. A yoga mat and block. A Roberts radio. And all-natural, locally produced toiletries.

There’s a salt room in the spa, and the chance to restore your equilibrium throughout.. In the spa, different salts bring different benefits. And it’s an island first, our room made of salt. In its warm crystal glow, you breathe deeply while salt vapour boosts your respiratory system, skin, immunity, and energy levels. It’s entirely natural and very ancient. Stress is reduced. So are bacteria, muscular tension, and inflammation. It’s called halotherapy, You’ll be balanced in no time!

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